Be your inner gardener

  • Zeiten
      27 – 30 September 2018
      Please arrive with the ferry at 16.45pm.
      Departure on Sunday at 3pm.
  • Kosten
      Regular 3400 SEK (325 €)
      Details see below

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Be your inner gardener

This introduction to social permaculture gives you the opportunity to grow what you want to be and the change you want to see in the world around you. Learn how to use and play with the design web and to apply the ethics and principles to your inner landscape.

Here at Kosters the garden is our paradise where abundance is obvious. The soils are thriving with life and the plants and animals may choose to cooperate with the gardener. We see a variety of colours and patterns, the fragrancy of flowers in the air and the fruits and vegetables provide a wealth of tastes. Experiencing all of this this helps to grow happiness, the feeling of being alive and harmony.
The permaculture design methods create systems and environments where our needs are met. In this course we start from looking at nature in the garden. What we nourish and water is what we want to see growing into healthy plants so that in turn they nourish us. How can we imitate this and bring it into our own lives and inner landscapes? Is it possible to become our own inner gardeners in order to bring into life what is healthy for us?

By using the ethics and principles of permaculture and by specifically working with the Design Web from the book People & Permaculture we will guide you through this design weekend. Through a lot of playfulness, nature connection and group work you will learn to be able to do your own designing. When leaving you will have gained knowledge of the basics of permaculture and take tools with you that give you momentum and inspiration to keep seeking resilience, finding joy and meaningfulness.

The course will be held in English but a translation into Swedish is possible.

Costs include accommodation in shared rooms and organic, vegetarian meals.
Accommodation in tent: -300 SEK (-28 €)
Accommodation in single room: +400 SEK (+38 €)
If you're facing financial difficulties and really want to attend the course, please get in touch with us. We try to find a solution that suits all.


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